This video game themed mystery treasure box can hold all your gamer supplies, toys, dart guns, skins, posters, merchandise, and collectible items. It’s a 14 inch cube cardboard box which makes it lightweight and easy to move. Perfect for children’s room and adult men or women gamer lair. Great gift for any friend, and awesome decoration for any gamer themed party and squad get together.

Size: 14″X14″X14″
Color: Blue, teal, with black trim
Material: Sturdy lightweight cardboard


  • PERFECT GIFT FOR GAMERS – Your gamer friends will love this realistic loot box based off their favorite game!
  • PERFECT DECORATION FOR BEDROOM AND MAN CAVE – Show off your gamer memorabilia perfect for parties, game nights, birthdays
  • GOES GREAT WITH OTHER GAMING ACCESSORIES – Use your loot box to complete your gamer set and store all your favorite accessories like pickaxes, chug jugs, and other costume items.
  • GREAT DECORATION FOR BIRTHDAY PARTIES – Use your loot box to complete your gamer themed birthday party for all ages.
  • STORE YOUR GAMER GEAR – 14″ X 14″ X 14″ box perfect for storing your controllers, headset, and other accessories.