1. What size container is recommended for these labels?

We recommend bottles or cups that have a diameter of 2.5 inches and height more than 3 inches. A good reference is a 12 oz Gatorade bottle because the labels fit nearly perfectly. The labels can still be taped to a larger bottle, although it won’t go completely around. You can heat shrink the labels to conform them to the shape of a smaller or unevenly surfaced bottle.

2. How do I put these labels on my bottles?

Cut and Tape Method: cut the folded label open, wrap it around your bottle, and tape the two ends with a transparent adhesive. Note adhesives are not included.

Heat Shrink Method: heat water to soft boil in a pan on a kitchen stovetop, slide label sleeve on your bottle, and immerse that bottle on all sides in the boiled water (CAUTION: please keep your hands safe or away from hot water if attempting this method).

We think cut and tape method is safer but heat shrink method yields the better looking results.

Blow Dryer Method: Some customers found heat shrinking worked fine with a blow dryer. The results may vary because the blow dryer we used left creases. Overall, a much safer option but results may vary depending on which blow dryer you use.


  • [PERFECT FITTING: HEAT SHRINK METHOD] – put label sleeve around your bottle and immerse in boiled water to conform the label to your bottle’s shape.
  • [HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC] – plastic material, unlike rigid paper, will not tear and provides a glossy surface for the design to shine.
  • [COMPATIBLE WITH VARIETY OF BOTTLES – HEAT SHRINKABLE] – fits well around recommended bottle size of 2.5 inches diameter and 3 inches height or larger (like a 12 oz Gatorade bottle) but heat shrinking with brief immersion in boiled water allows perfect fit to smaller and unevenly surfaced bottles.
  • [SIMPLE TO USE: CUT AND TAPE METHOD] – cut open the folded label, wrap it around your bottle, and tape ends together.